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PALM group (Head: Siegfried Raasch)


PALM group

Our main research tool is the parallelized Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) Model PALM, the original version of which was developed from 1997-1999 at our institute. This model is optimized for use on massively parallel computers, and it is therefore very well suited for simulations with an extremely large number of grid points. The current supercomputer of the North German Supercomputing Center "Norddeutscher Verbund für Hoch- und Höchstleistungsrechnen" (HLRN), an SGI-ICE machine with 12000 cores, allows calculations with up to 40963 grid points.

Further information on PALM is available using the PALM quick links below.

Our research focusses on the analysis of micro- and mesoscale turbulent boundary layers. Other key parts of our work include numerical improvements of PALM, in particular parallelized numerical schemes, and the development of software systems that are able to effectively visualize the extremely large data amount that is typical of parallelized models.

The photo shows our research group (as of August 2009) in front of some of the nodes of the new HLRN-II SGI Altix computer.
From left to right: Naoki Ikegaya, Gahyun Goh, Carolin Weinreis, Jungwha Lee, Jens Kampmeyer, Theres Franke (Front)  Siegfried Raasch (Head), Rieke Heinze, Björn Witha, Björn Maronga, Marcus Letzel, Micha Gryschka, Yvonne Breitenbach (Back)
(Photo: G. Gaus)


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Leibniz University of Hannover
Institute of Meteorology and Climatology
PALM group
Herrenhäuser Str. 2
30419 Hannover







Franke, Theres



 Fricke, Jens


Gryschka, Micha



Heinze, Rieke

4413 F225

Kampmeyer, Jens

 Kanani, Farah

3232 F233
 Knigge, Christoph

2680 F221

Maronga, Björn

2680 F221

Raasch, Siegfried (Head)



 Sühring, Matthias

4413 F225
 Voß, Linda

3232 F233

Weinreis, Carolin



Witha, Björn





*Phone number +49 511 762-Ext.

Former members and visitors (function)


 Breitenbach, Yvonne (Diploma student)

Hamann, Ulrich (Diploma student)

Harbusch, Guido (Diploma student)

Herold, Marcus (Diploma student)

 Ikegaya, Naoki (visiting student)

Inagaki, Dr. Atsushi (visiting student)

Jang, Mi-jin (visiting student)

Jansen, Dr. Heiko (researcher)

Kang, In-Soo (visiting student)

Krane, Martina (Diploma student)

 Letzel, Dr. Marcus (researcher)

 Lin Cai Feng, Sarah (visiting student)

Lotz, Johannes (visiting student)

Noh, Prof. Dr. Yign (visiting researcher)

Rautenhaus, Marc (student)

Rottmann, Tobias (student)

Schröter, Dr. Michael (researcher)

Steinfeld, Dr. Gerald (researcher)

Uhlenbrock, Dr. Jörg (researcher)

Weinbrecht, Dr. Sonja (researcher)

Zhang, Jin (visiting student)

Current research projects
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Previous research projects
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Reviewed publications (under participation) of the PALM group since 1997 in chronological order:

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Recent work submitted for publication:

Letzel, M.O., C. Helmke, E. Ng, X. An and S. Raasch, 2010: LES study on pedestrian level ventilation in Hong Kong. Building and Environment, submitted.

Noh, Y., G. Goh and S. Raasch, 2010: Examination of the Mixed Layer Deepening Process during Convection Using LES. J. Phys. Oceanogr., accepted.

Markkanen, T., G. Steinfeld, N. Kljun, S. Raasch and T. Foken, 2010: A numerical case study on footprint model performance under inhomogeneous flow conditions. Meteorol. Z., accepted.

Selected conference abstracts:

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